Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

By the by that's a creepy song when you listen to all the words. But seriously, it's very, very chilly here all of a sudden. Surprising since it's now mid-December and the middle of winter and all that jazz.

I do remember assuring people that I knew what cold winters were like. I'm also sure London was this cold and Rochester definitely is too, I just didn't walk quite so much there. But so far the weather has remained less inclimate than it might. Praise be.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finals Season: Procrastination Olympics

Sure I was productive at the start of the week, but because I have one more paper to go, because it only has to be four pages long, and because I've already read, researched, and outlined it I'm having a hard time making myself actually write it. So instead I've explored some new looks.

Confused Siamese/Triclops:

I should have just used Photobooth to animate my picture book:

I mean seriously:

The Teacher in a cartoon (no offense to those of you who are teachers):

A Human Bassett Hound:

By way of explanation, the zebra glasses (sadly the only thing in this post I can really explain), were a purchase I made when at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City with Kawisaki Shimai during her visit to UT last spring. I've always wanted glasses, they have no prescription, I had $10 in my wallet--and there you go.

I'll leave you with one more so you can remember I'm somewhat normal looking.
Happy Finals to you!
Festivus for the rest of us?