Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged

Back when we got channels like USA, my roommate and I saw previews for a new show called "Covert Affairs." It's about a new female agent who works as a spy--okay, okay operative--for the CIA. That sounds strangely familiar, no? Well it didn't matter. I didn't have the channel and certainly wouldn't be watching it so I put it from my mind. Then my roommate went out of town, watched the show, and wrote on my Facebook wall to say she'd enjoyed it. So while I was crocheting yesterday I pulled it up on Hulu and watched the first two episodes--using Hulu and watching female spies counters the old lady-ness of crocheting, you see.

While thankfully there was no mention of aRambaldi and the main character has yet to demonstrate severe daddy issues, I noticed some similarities to my favorite female spy on television.

It seems that all female spies:
  • have strong/square jaw lines
  • have dimples
  • wear a surprising amount of make up
  • insist on wearing their hair down whilst fist fighting and other spy-type hijinks
  • don't smile. Duh. Spying is a serious business.
  • have an innate ability to speak many important languages, including Russian.
  • begin their shows with traumas involving ill-fated love affairs.
I guess that means I can't be a spy because I would totally put my hair in a ponytail.

I did enjoy the show though. But what's not to enjoy about spies?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Time

and my internet's spotty. So in lieu of a long post enjoy a few pictures from my time at home.

The HCP, naturally,

I keep good company.
(Joseph Smith and Moroni)

The family enjoying a cruise on the Erie Canal (where else)

You've got to love four generation shots.
Especially when your subjects are kind enough to seat themselves in counterclockwise position by age.

Getting into some mischief.

Lily and Meg.
Green was the color of the day.

Jillian and Grandpa.
She allowed him to console/amuse her. He did know all the places on interest on the boat tour.

Toby, Catherine, and the red hat.

"Has anyone seen my new red hat?"
Anybody? Anybody?

On a completely unrelated note, I allowed my classmate to talk me into going to Ramona and Beezus with her because it was "in our professional interests." It was completely charming. You know, just in case you have a little girl you need/want to take to a movie.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Internet Viking

As you know, I'm a poor graduate student. In debt up to my ears, crunched for time, and scrounging about for sleep. So I've released my inner Dane. That's right. I've turned to internet viking-cy.

Essentially, it's the same thing as internet piracy (of music infamy), but far less hackneyed and much more in line with my personal pedigree. It started with a school project here or there. A couple of weeks ago,I had to mastermind a modern publishing of Anne of Green Gables, complete with cover design, for my final project. So what was I, unartistic and penniless as I am, to do? I hunted the internet for inspiration and along the way I just happened to find the perfect illustration and a fun new font. The problem was, the font cost $59 dollars and it wasn't exactly something I'd be using day in and day out (if it had been I'd probably have justified the expense). But wouldn't you know that myfonts.com has a preview feature where you can see the phrases you need in each font. And wouldn't it just so happen that my laptop has a screen capturing program? So I admit it, I pillaged away.

But apparently my infamy does not stop there. Because I was blog hopping today and found a hilarious youtube video on the blog of a friend of a friend and so I plundered again, indiscriminately. Enjoy the fruits of my looting.

PS Is this what I'll sound like once I get my Master's in Children's Literature?